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Year: 2000
Materials: paper and colored gauze (tarlatana tinta)
Size: 130 x 220 cm






"Blues", the work I am going to bring to "Prix Betonac 2000", gives matter to this need: this is the reason why I used a light material like tarlatan and why I used light blue to dye the old paper used by photographers because light blue is "... the deeper and less material colour, the means of truth, transparence in compressed emptiness."

"Blues" is the confluence of all the results of a research which tended to deepen the symbolic meanings given to the word "heart" and the reasons for the charm that light blue has always exercised on artists.

The 11 squares (measuring 36X36 cm.) are "engraved" by two marks that placed one over the other according to different orientations, offer spatial and visual perceptions, always changing and always various.

Blues in mostra











Photo: Giuliano Francesconi - Arcugnano (Vicenza)


Under the tarlatan squares, upon the substaing paper squares I placed according to my opinion the most interesting result of my research on the several valences given to light blue colour and of the etymological research on the word "heart": its greek and latin roots and its interpretation given to it by different cultures, as for instance the Egyptian and Chinese.



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