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Photo: Giuliano Francesconi - Arcugnano (Vicenza)

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I was encouraged in this work by recent debates at different levels in my country.
For one year I have been collecting fingerprints of the people I met. I selected and enlarged thirty of them, without concerning of age, sex and colour of the skin.
The more I went on collecting them, the more I was fascinated by this "sign" of recognition, left by a part of our body when pressed.
The collection wants to represent a wall sometimes built by human beings during their evolution, but which can be crossed thanks to the transparence of the material with whom it is created.  A wall of identity then, which can
be an obstacle to relationships, but can become the place in which every identity realizes itself, if it finds a space around for movement, for the presence of the "other" admiring it, the whole as an harmony of symbols,
meaning by this word the witness of a relationship.
And as each symbol sends to other to build a divided unity, so each fingerprint sends to another to become visible, to be a sign of itself and then to exist.... and guarantee existence.


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Year: 2003
golden serigraphy
100x204x45 cm


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