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Foto: Giuliano Francesconi - Arcugnano (Vicenza)

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Tree of Life

Year: 1991
Materials: leather
Technique: personal
Size: 135 x 140 cm


albero della vita


In the planning of this work I put in evidence both tradition and innovation, textile culture and its recovery. The dress is basically inspired by the particular cutting technique, known and named in Veneto as " TAIADO-TAIUZADO ", which was very common in Europe during the 16th century. ( See xerocopies 1 and 2 ). It also developes the concept of " cutting " in order to create effects of transparence and space ; the light passes through the cuttings and its consequent effects change according to the movements of the body wearing the dress .
For the ornament, I created a stylized tree of life . The tree' s symbolism finds its origins in the most ancient traditions : the historian Mircea Eliade embodies, in these ancient symbolic shapes usually recalling to nature, the archetypes of an originary language which is becoming today nearly a " collective unconscious " and can be identified in all the world' s cultures .
The necessity to stylize leaves and fruit brought me to search in the Middle Ages art some interesting hints, mainly in portals and capitals.

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